Debt Collector Harassment


Studies show that nearly one in three people have been contacted by a debt collector within the last year. Many of these people were contacted multiple times per week. In many of these cases, the debt collector continued to call after being told to stop. In some cases, the collector was trying to collect the wrong amount or hounding the wrong person. Learn more about your rights when dealing with debt collectors by visiting the links below.


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Some ways we’ve helped previous clients

wrongful garnishment

A debt collector was garnishing our client’s wages for a debt she believed wasn’t owed. She obtained a court order that took away the collector’s authority to garnish her. Nonetheless, the collector continued to garnish her for several more months. The garnishment was extremely stressful and resulted in many fights between our client and her husband.

She came to us for help and we immediately got the collector to stop the garnishment. We then sued the collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A federal court judge found that the debt collector’s garnishment was illegal and ruled in favor of our client.


collection calls at work

A debt collector repeatedly called our client while she was at work. She repeatedly told them to stop calling her at work and that she would call them back when she was at home. The collector ignored her pleas and continued to call her at work. On one call, the collector threatened to garnish her wages if she didn’t pay.

We sued the collector in federal court under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and negotiated a favorable settlement to resolve the case.


collectors calling family

We have helped many clients who had debt collectors calling their friends and family members and revealing that a debt was owed. These calls were all extremely embarrassing.

We have a track record of suing debt collectors who illegally call third parties, getting the calls to stop immediately, and recovering money for our clients for the embarrassment and stress.