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Dealing with a debt collection lawsuit can be a scary and confusing process. This is especially true in Minnesota where the initial stages of the case often take place outside of court oversight. Learn more about the collection litigation process and how we can help by visiting the links below.


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Some ways we’ve helped previous clients

Debt buyer lawsuit

Our client was sued by a debt buyer for a loan her ex-husband took out to buy a motorcycle. We attacked the debt buyer’s flimsy evidence and convinced a judge to throw the case out because the debt buyer couldn’t meet its burden of proof.


vacating a default judgment

Our client’s wages were being garnished after a creditor obtained a default judgment. He told us that he had no knowledge of the case before being garnished. In court, we were able to show that the creditor actually left the lawsuit at a neighbor’s house and that our client was not properly notified of the case. Based on this, the judge vacated the judgment and stopped the garnishment.


debt settled for big discount

Our client was being sued for over $100,000 in consumer debt. By fighting back in court, we were able to negotiate a settlement where our client paid less than 10% of the total debt in reasonable monthly payments.