How to prepare for your free consultation

1. What to expect. We offer free 30-minute phone consultations (for your convenience), or meetings in our office if you’d rather see a friendly face in-person. And just so you know, your free consultation isn't like a visit to the doctor, where you spend most of your time with a nurse or intern until the doc breezes through at the very end. When you consult, you will always talk to an attorney.

2. How to get ready. We don’t love paperwork (who does?!). Before your consultation, we’ll ask you to fill out a five-minute online form that helps us understand the issues you're facing. If you end up filing bankruptcy, we’ll need a lot more, but we’ve got an easy-to-use online system for getting those docs to us after the consultation.

3. Brush up on bankruptcy. We're happy to explain the ins and outs of bankruptcy to you. We do this stuff all day, and we like to share what we know with you. But if you study up a little bit and understand the basics, we might be able to delve into deeper issues on the first meeting, meaning we can get more accomplished in the free consultation. If you're the type who likes to do your own research, our blog is a good first resource. We also recommend the Bankruptcy Law Network's posts, but remember that they're focused nationally, and because the law is different from state to state, not all the information will apply to you.

4. After the free consultation. Many times we can sort out all your issues in your free consultation and decide on a course of action. Other times we need to do more digging before we can fully understand your options. Throughout this process, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

Still have other questions before your first appointment? Let us know.