What to do if you're abused or harassed by a debt collector

The percentage of delinquent accounts has reached record highs in the current economic climate. Unfortunately, that means that the volume of collection calls and letters has increased as well. With consumers strapped for cash, some debt collectors will inevitably resort to harassing, abusing and misleading consumers in an attempt to obtain payments. This post details many common violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act committed by debt collectors. What can you do if you are have been harassed or abused by a debt collector in violation of the FDCPA?

First, save all voice messages left by debt collectors. Next, you should take detailed notes of every conversation you have with a debt collector. These notes don't have to be fancy. Just use a pen and paper and make note of everything that was said during the conversation. Then, sign and date each note and save them. Third, save all copies of letters and other correspondence from debt collectors. Finally, if you believe that the debt collector's conduct has violated the FDCPA, consider discussing your case with a consumer lawyer. You have a right to sue debt collectors that violated the FDCPA and receive money damages.