I was sued by Messerli & Kramer. What can I do?

Messerli & Kramer is the biggest debt collection law firm in Minnesota. They're very effective at what they do, and if you're up against this 800-pound gorilla of the debt collection world, you'll want to be prepared. Messerli & Kramer can be a very tough opponent.

Make sure to respond to a collection lawsuit right away

Once you've received legal papers, you generally have 20 days to answer. If you don't answer on time, Messerli & Kramer can get a default judgment against you. Also, you may have defenses against a debt collection lawsuit, especially if the lawsuit is on behalf of a debt buyer. Most consumer lawyers will give you a free consultation to discuss your defenses if you've been sued.

Know your rights

Messerli & Kramer is not only a law firm, but also a debt collector. They're regulated under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a law designed to protect you from abusive debt collection practices. If you've been harassed by a debt collector, get in touch with an attorney immediately.

Don't make an agreement to pay without getting it in writing

This isn't just for Messerli & Kramer--it's for any law firm or debt collector. Before you agree to settle a debt, you want written proof of the terms of the agreement. You want to know the amount of the monthly payments and the number of payments it'll take pay off the debt. If they're still charging an interest rate, you'll want to know about that too. At the very least, you'll want the agreement in writing so that you understand your own obligations so that you don't slip up.

We can stop lawsuits through bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy will stop any debt collection lawsuit. If the debt you're fighting is large, or if this is just one of many debts you have to deal with, a bankruptcy attorney can help.